As Palaia Hotel, we are aware that sustainability efforts in tourism minimize the negative effects on environmental and cultural heritage and the responsibilities brought by sustainable tourism.

We strive to leave a better world for future generations. In this regard, we continue our work on many issues within the concept of sustainability, such as reducing environmental impacts, energy, water and waste management, protecting cultural and social heritage, providing economic and social benefits to the local people and protecting the environment.

In today’s world, where the importance of climate change and global warming is felt more and more every day, we aim to fulfill our responsibilities in the best way possible, and we strive to ensure that environmental awareness is adopted by our employees.

We aim to increase our success day by day by focusing on effectively managing sustainability risks and ensuring sustainable growth with long-term strategies.

🌱 Breathe in the rich scents of lemon and savor the beauty of kumquat all over the garden.

🌱 Photovoltaic solar energy panels generate power.

🌱Minimizing the use of harmful substances with innocuous products and processes, especially in pools.

🌱 Quietly at work under your feet, our sophisticated garden drainage system recovers rainwater while intuitive multi-sensor lighting turns on and off without you having to lift a finger.

🌱supporting the restoration of a historical building to create the open air museum to create the open air museum.

🌱 Hand-hewn natural stones from Datça are used to clad the buildings, which are warm in winter and cool in summer.

🌱 The buildings and the architecture follow natural designs from local artisans and architects.

🌱 Examining water consumption and implementing measures to minimize unnecessary water consumption.

🌱 A high-efficiency air-source heat pump feeds the air conditioning system.

🌱 All unnecessary plastic packaging for bathroom amenities and room amenities is removed. Natural materials are substituted, from plastic straws to toothbrushes. Moreover, cloth bags, containers, and bottles can be reutilized.

🌱 Our food comes from local people, such as local farmers and fishermen.