Palaia’s menus offer a special gastronomic feast by combining the rich culinary culture of Anatolia with a global perspective.

Artisan Mediterranean flavors, processed in Palaia’s original kitchen, display their local freshness in a wide range of dishes, from Garaville to Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, from Könger to Dallampa, from Stuffed Labada to Fried Fox with Herbs. Of course, we should not forget the local flavors such as ‘Nurlu,’ ‘Ak’, ‘Çağla’ and ‘Sıra’, which are the special products of Datça.

Palaia is not just a place to eat, it offers an experience. The wide open terrace overlooking the archaeological site of the Temple of Apollo or the high-ceilinged restaurant are places where flavors turn into a comfortable and visual feast. The restaurant’s breakout artwork emphasizes that dining is not just a pleasure, but an artistic experience.

At Palaia, food turns into a work of art that appeals to all your senses, on tables equipped with natural and fresh seasonal products. Here his dish is told, not just a taste but also a story. Palaia Hotel offers its guests a wonderful gastronomic service, offering them a storage space full of taste. We invite you to experience this unique experience.