The unique beauty of Datça has been a source of inspiration for artists, artists and intellectuals over the years. This natural and cultural heritage is reflected in a unique way in Palaia.

The natural beauties of Datça can be seen from every corner of Palaia. The water structures of Turkish stonemasons exhibited outdoors allow you to rest your soul with a peaceful note. Tamer Şahinoğlu’s highly acclaimed paintings on display represent another aspect of art at the hotel.

But the Palaia is decorated not only with paintings and sculptures, but also with fascinating stones and recycled metal works of art. These works, created by the valuable artist Süleyman Saim Tekcan and other talented artists, are waiting to be discovered in the lush gardens of Palaia.

The garden is also home to the “Sanctuary of Apollo”, where an archaeological treasure is located. This area is a building with a history dating back to the 8th century BC. This area, which was built as a basilica-type church in the hotel, was later converted into a small chapel (the smallest center of worship in Christianity). This historical area has both the natural beauty and historical richness of Palaia.

Palaia offers a wonderful experience to its guests by preserving all the values ​​​​of Datça with great care and respect. Every corner of this unique place is adorned with the beauties of nature and historical traces, and everyone who visits Palaia has the opportunity to experience these riches.