Environmental Protection and Waste Management Policy

In our business, we protect the environment, protect its pollution, and attach importance to protecting our healthy and negative effects.

For this;

We comply with legal regulations and ensure our environmental impact.

You take care to effectively separate our waste according to source, decomposition and hazard classes.

We know that using hazardous substances and chemicals only when needed and in the required amount will reduce both the negative effects and the amount of waste.

In our business, “recycling” and “eco-friendly” labels are preferred by people in payment components, which does not contribute to reflecting nature. We try to create reuse opportunities,

We use disposable materials such as paper, napkins, toilet paper and packaging as much as necessary and take care to leave less waste to nature,

We store the wastes correctly, in separate areas according to their characteristics, and deliver them to licensed/authorized companies without exceeding the legal storage time limits, and we kindly ask you to keep their records,

You work by saving water, energy and all natural resources. We share this sensitivity with our employees, customers and suppliers.

We measure our environmental management performance, monitor and realize our performance with the results obtained from this data.

We increase the education and training of our employees about the environment.