Our Story

With Gratitude

We would like to express our endless gratitude to Mr. Şadan Mete and the Sena Makine family led by him for making the dream of a port filled with respect and love for the natural wonders of Datça a reality. The determination and effort you have made to create this beautiful paradise on earth reflects the value you place on the preservation of not only Datça, but also all natural beauties.

Your efforts and leadership spent to preserve the wonders of nature and enable people to enjoy these beauties should be an inspiration not only to Datça but to the whole world. This peaceful port of Datça is not only a sea port, but also a port of dreams and hopes. You have left a great favor and legacy by contributing to the realization of this project, carrying the unique natural riches of Datça to future generations and offering people a peaceful place.

Your love and respect for these beauties of Datça reminds each of us how important it is to protect nature and live in harmony with nature. This peaceful port of Datça has become a true paradise under your leadership and we thank you for that. We hope to work together on more projects in the future, because visionary leaders like you help us make the world a better place. With our endless thanks.

TEAM of Palaians

Located in the heart of nature and aiming to offer a peaceful harbour, Palaia Hotel invites you to experience much more than just an accommodation experience. While you experience the peaceful tranquility of the bays against the salty winds of the sea, Palaia, which extends to the coastline, it offers service with its private beach.

Palaia not only offers the beauty of nature and the refreshing blue of the sea, but also handles local elements with great care. You will find an ideal opportunity to discover local flavors in its restaurants. These flavors offer a feast where traditional tastes meet modern touches.

However, you will witness that Palaia does not only focus on natural beauties and food. The hotel team is here to offer hospitality and cultural experiences that they consider part of their job to provide their guests with an unforgettable experience. Every detail, every encounter brings you more peace in this special port.

Palaia Hotel is not just a holiday destination, but also a story and a dream. Offering the perfect combination of the beauties of nature, the richness of local culture and comfort, Palaia is here to fascinate and inspire every visitor. We look forward to exploring this paradise and invite you to join the Palaia family.